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Tips for Determining Your Interior Design Style and Making Your Home Fabulous.

"How to I determine my design style and how do I make my home look like a designer did it?" are the biggest questions I get when someone learns that I am an interior designer. Finding your design style in order to furnish and decorate your home is not always easy. It can be intimidating, overwhelming and just plain exhausting because there is SO MUCH INFORMATION these days, am I right y'all?

Good news! I've got some ideas that will help you figure out the answer to these questions without making y'all want to retreat to the corner and assume the fetal position. But, y'all already knew this, didn't y'all?

As you begin your quest, keep in mind that most people are a combination of styles. It is incredibly unusual to find anyone who completely fits into a single category. Taking one component from one style and another component from another style is what makes our spaces unique to us so, don't be afraid to do this, k? Now, let's get started, shall we?

1. Make a list of what you do NOT like. Yep, you read correctly.....list what doesn't thrill you. What colors do you detest? What types of floors make you cringe? What styles of window coverings make you want to upchuck? We all have things that make us list them! This process of elimination will be incredibly valuable, even after you know what your style is because it will guide your personal interpretation of that style. For example, if you determine you have a very traditional style but swags and cascades on the dining room windows (a very classic, traditional window treatment) make you feel like you are back in your great grandmother's house, you will know that you don't want to incorporate this option. If you had not made a list of dislikes, you might might not even realize how you feel about swags and cascades until they are hanging in your home and, at that point, it's too late. So, make that list and keep a copy with you as you shop for accessories and furnishings.

2. Take a quiz to determine your design style.

This is a super quick, fun way to learn what your style is by choosing your favorite rooms and accessories from various photos. Be advised that these quizzes are not going to provide super detailed information on specific items that you should purchase (that's why you follow me on social media) nor are they highly scientific; you could take the same quiz 10 times with very similar answers and get a number of different style results. However, I find that overall, a good style quiz can be an excellent compass for pointing you in the right direction.

My favorite quiz is from the Designer Society of America and can be found here:

This quiz is quick but will actually make you think about your choices and preferences so I have found the results to be pretty accurate for my clients . Y'all get the results at the end of the quiz without needing to enter an email address, so you won't get an in box full of unwanted solicitations. If y'all take this quiz, leave a comment on this blog post to let me know what style you were assessed and if you feel it's accurate. I would LOVE to hear your results.

3. Follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. No, this is not a shameless plug to increase my social media following, I pinky promise. If you don't follow me on all of these platforms, I suggest that y'all do. After decades in the design and construction industry, I am able to quickly sift through tons of information and post only the best for my audience, including an increasing amount of original content. Let me filter out the noise and provide you with a single source of all-encompassing design expertise. On my social media channels, I speak specifically about design styles, colors, trends, etc., and provide full color pictures with ideas on how to incorporate everything into your home. I've even created specific boards on Pinterest for different styles so y'all can see what you love and don't love within every option!

Here are my social media links for y'all to just click and like/follow:

4. Join a fee-based, on-line interior design group and receive personalized attention. If the above style-determining options are great but you prefer more specific, individualized assistance then a membership group is worth considering, For example, I've got an exclusive group called the Design District. Members get one-on-one design assessments and help from me, access to my expertise while they are out shopping, a private Facebook group and so much more! (Go to www.tinker-belle,net and click on Design District in the menu bar to learn more). There are numerous opportunities for paid groups and they are hosted by all types of designers so I would encourage you to search for one that is right for you. Facebook and Google are great places to start,

5. Hire an expert! A professional interior designer is equipped to assess a client's style and easily interpret that style through different options. You can hire a designer local to your area who will literally do everything.....take measurements, purchase furniture and accessories, hire subcontractors, etc. and they typically do this for an hourly fee (it's along the same lines as an attorney's billable hours). This solution is ideal if one has a fairly large project and budget but it will yield stunning results.

A more affordable option is to hire a virtual designer. In this scenario, the client provides the designer with pictures, measurements and other pertinent information. The designer creates a vision board for the client, depending on the package of services the client purchases, to include various components such as furniture floor plan, a detailed list of finishes, places to purchase specific items, etc. You can find virtual designers simply by doing a Google search but be advised, it is easier to stretch the truth on line than it is face to face. Do your due diligent to check references and credentials before you give money to anyone. Should you want to discuss my virtual client packages, you can e-mail me at or send me a chat message on my website for more information.

In the end, whatever option (or options) y'all chose to assist with assessing your style, I am here to help any way that I can. If this post has been valuable, will y'all leave a comment to let me know? Thank y'all and be blessed! -Sherry .

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