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O Christmas (Rag) Tree

If y'all have followed me for more than a minute then y'all know that I am a Christmas fanatic! I love everything about the holidays and, if Big Daddy would let me, I would keep my decorations up all year. I find the lights incredibly soothing and I just love how MOST people are happier, more generous and generally in a better mood than they are at any other time during the year. I start decorating on November 1st only because Big Daddy isn't on board with me decorating earlier and I decorate until Christmas Eve, adding bargain finds and DIYS to my ever-growing arsenal.

This charming, little rag tree is one of my favorite DIYs from last year so let me show y'all how to make one, k?

You need:

  1. tinsel tree (I got mine from Dollar Tree)

  2. Floral wire

  3. fabric strips (I got a whole bundle from the fabric department at Walmart for $6)

  4. Optional: lights and ribbon

(I don't know why these photos are blurry. I tried to fix them but was unsuccessful. Of course they are the ONLY photos I have because they are crystal clear on my camera....sigh...... insert eye roll here. )

Take the tinsel off the tree and, if y'all are like me, put it on a container to use for a future brilliant project that has not yet been conceived. You will be left with the tree frame. I wanted more rows for my fabric strips than what the tree skeleton had so I added a couple of rows with floral wire.

Once you have the number of horizontal rows that you desire, take the fabric strips and tie them to the tree frame. I tied strips to both the vertical and horizontal bars of the tree form. You can space the fabric strips as close together or as far apart as you want. The closer together the fabric strips are, the fuller your tree will be.

When you are happy with the fullness of the tree, you can add ribbons, lights and any other embellishments that you want. I added a few strips of ribbon throughout the strips of fabric to add more sparkle and interest. I also added a few ribbons as my tree topper.

I love how my tree turned out, don't y'all?

Drop a comment and let me know what you think. If y'all make your own rag tree, please feel free to post a picture so I can see how yours turned out.

Happy crafting and remember that y'all are so loved!


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