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What Goes Up Must Come Down….Organized Storage for All Things Christmas

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Y’all, Christmas at Chez Big Daddy is sadly being packed away for another year and, as usual, I have accumulated even more Christmas “stuff”. Between Christmas crafting and the amazing Christmas clearance deals, I have more Christmas décor on display now than I did BEFORE Christmas! (Please tell me you can relate!)

So, now the dilemma is how to organize and store it all until it is deemed socially acceptable to bring it out again. If I had my way, it would stay up all year but sadly, the rest of the family vetoed this idea years ago. Since I have been overruled and Chez Big Daddy must be returned to its pre-Christmas glory, I thought I would share all of the products I personally use to ensure my Christmas “crap” (as Big Daddy refers to it…not to be confuse with my craft “crap”, mind you) is tucked away safely and organized until it can arise from it’s slumber and fill every nook, cranny, corner and surface of my home once again.

(Note, I am an Amazon affiliate and this post contains affiliate product links. When you shop from any of these links, I receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. I am truly grateful for your on-going support and thank you in advance for shopping through my links.)

1. Plastic storage containers with locking lids:

These are my biggest “must have” for any type of storage because they stay closed! I use various sizes because I use 1 container per room. Note, these lids lock; they do not snap and therefore they are a bit pricier. I have found that if I do not invest in the locking lids, within a couple of years, I am replacing containers because they no longer close properly. So, spend a bit of extra money to ensure your storage lasts, ok?

These sizes are my personal favorites:

a.a. 64 quart size:

b. 27 quart size:

c. 30 quart size:

d. 70 quart size:

2. Plastic wreath storage containers:

If you really want to ensure your wreaths stay beautiful from year to year, this is the container. Tuck each one away in one of these:

a. Up to 24” diameter wreath:

b. Up to 30” diameter wreath:

Again, these containers are not as economical as other options but my wreaths have lasted years because I use these containers. One year, I tried a soft, zippered one to save a few dollars because I added a wreath to my collection. My wreath got crushed and the lights were broken so it went in the trash. Lesson learned!

3. Tree storage bags:

Until we found some super economical, spacious storage bags, we had been stuffing each tree back into the original box and were using massive amounts of packing tape to ensure the boxes remained closed. The boxes were heavy and cumbersome to get into storage, not to mention that with each year, they grew more unstable despite numerous layers of packing tape. Can y’all relate to this struggle? But then we found these:

a. Stores up to a 7 ½ foot disassembled tree:

We still have 2 trees that we store in their original boxes because they are massive trees and the boxes are heavy duty. However, the remaining forest of trees are stored in zippered, duffel storage bags. We rest each tree bag atop a stack of containers to ensure the trees aren’t crushed and we no longer must arm wrestle boxes with rolls of packing tape. It’s a win win for us!

4. Ziploc freezer gallon storage bags:

Y’all, without these, my Christmas decorations would be a hot mess! I use them to store ornaments, loose ribbon, small items such as berry picks and pine cones….basically everything except the tree toppers! If you splurge on name brand, freezer weight, gallon sized bags then you can use the same bags year after year. Some of my bags go all the way back to when the kids were still at home and the youngest is now in his early 20s!

a. 60 count box:

Here’s a quick Facebook live video to show y’all how I organize and store my Christmas decorations:

If you found this helpful, would you leave a comment for me?

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