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Snowy Candle Holders Make Any Space Wintery

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

As Christmas comes down in every home, the age old dilemma occurs… to fill all of the now-empty space. In an attempt to fill the void and bridge the gap between Christmas and spring, I am creating a few winter wonderland spaces at Chez Big Daddy.

Each year as we create inventory for fall and holiday craft/vendor shows, wintery candle holders are a must have. They sell out quickly at every event; so fast that they don’t ever even make it to the website! This year I decided to use some throughout my home in places where I just wasn’t quite ready for the vast space where Christmas decorations once sat.

Then I said to myself “hmmm….I bet my people would like these too!” so I sat down to create this blog post for y’all.

Here is the supply list:

Dollar Tree vases, candle holders or mason jars

Epsom salts

White or iridescent glitter

Modpodge and a small brush (either foam or bristled)

Tray or pan of some sort (I like to use aluminum baking pans from Dollar Tree)

Matte, clear enamel spray

Embellishments to decorate

Battery operated votive or tea light

In your tray or pan, pour in some Epsom salt and glitter. Mix them together until you have the ratio of salt to glitter that you like. Use your brush to apply Modpodge in a small section of the candle holder and then cover with the salt/glitter mixture. Work your way around the entire candle holder, covering each small section with the salt/glitter mixture and tap off the excess. Once the entire outer surface of the candle holder is covered, set it aside for 1-2 days until it is completely dry. Spray a coating of clear enamel spray to set the salt/glitter mixture and allow to dry for another day. When everything is completely dry, embellish the candle holder with ribbon, lace, greenery, bows, fabric or any other pretty things you desire. Add a battery operated votive or tea light and enjoy! It’s that easy, I pinky promise!

If y’all want to see a tutorial, click here to watch my YouTube video: Be sure to subscribe to my channel while you are there so y’all see future DIY videos and Tinker-bell Tidbits.

Not only will these candle holders add a pretty glow to your winter evenings, they also make great gifts. Since Christmas will be here again before y’all know it, consider making extras!

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