Fall for these Dollar Tree must-haves

I LOVE the Dollar Tree.....absolutely LOVE Dollar Tree and if y'all follow me on Facebook, you have seen me do live "buy this NOW" broadcasts from there. Not only do they have affordable cleaning supplies, storage and organization, dinnerware and glasses (that are REALLY great quality), party supplies and just about anything else we would need at home, they have FABULOUS crafting items! They recently re-branded and re-merchandised their entire craft line, now called "Crafter's Square" with it's own logo and section in stores. (Side note, they are still rolling the Crafter's Square section of the store out nationwide so be patient if your store still has craft supplies scattered all over.)

I ventured out this week to my local Dollar Tree and found all kinds of "must-haves" for fall. Because they had so many goodies, I felt a live shopping trip to share my excitement would be totally appropriate (who does't want to see me try to talk with a mask on, drive my buggy up and down the isles with 1 hand while trying not to run into anybody or anything and social distance all at the same time? LOL). If you want to see what I am talking about, y'all can watch the live broadcast here and keep reading for a summary of my favorites. Then run.....don't walk.....to your nearest DT or go to www.dollartree.com to order on line. Most items on line do have minimum quantities to purchase but they are very low. I suggest teaming up with loved ones to share the bounty and, if you have a store near you, shipping to the store is free!

So, what should y'all get? In no particular order, I recommend hoarding the following items and be sure to follow me on Facebook here for upcoming videos to turn all of them into beautiful fall decorations.

Wood cut outs

These gems can be used for door hangers, accents for the center of wreaths, shelf sitters....the options are endless!

Wire Wreath forms