Showing off my amazing home office (it's not what you think.....)

When we moved into the current location of Chez Big Daddy, I was so excited to have a dedicated office; something I had never had in any previous house. My office, prior to our current home, was an IKEA table and chair, strategically positioned in the family room. When we lived in the Midwest, I shared an office with the children in their play area. Neither of these spaces were exactly conducive to working but, it was either office where I had space or not have an office at all.

With 2020 throwing us a pandemic curve ball, so many of us now find that we need space to work from home. AS if that wasn't enough, now we need space for the kids to distance learn. It's enough to make us assume the fetal position and never move, right?

Let me help you with this challenge by giving y'all a peek at my office.

For the first 2 years after we moved in, my beautiful office was a storage area.!!!!! Yes.....a storage area for stuff that have a home elsewhere. We don't have a basement and the attic is REALLY small so, this is what my office looked like:

Did I mention that this space is right inside our front door with a large window facing the front of the house? This means that EVERYONE who visited our house saw the mess!

Finally, out of obvious necessity, we rented a storage area and had some office furniture delivered so that I could be uber productive at my gorgeous desk in my pretty office. Here's a candid snapshot of what my workspace looks like now: (yes, t