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Happy Fall, Y'all (part 2)

Last week I shared with y'all the first "installment" of "Happy Fall, Y'all" where I showcased the fall vignette on my family room coffee table and the video of how I made the floral arrangement. Can I just say that the response to that blog post blew me away! Y'all made me blush with your sweet comments and DMs and that's not easy to do!

For today's "Happy Fall, Y'all" episode, I am unveiling my fall tiered tray and I hope y'all find as much inspiration with this blog post as y'all did last week's.

To me, a good tiered tray provides layers of decorating space and there is NOTHING like a beautifully styled tiered tray. Wait.....what's that you say? don't have a tiered tray because you can find one you like for a price you are willing to pay? I was in the exact same boat so I decided to make my own! Yep, it's super easy to make a tiered tray from a couple of shallow baskets, cake or pie tins or even pretty glass platters and a couple of wooden or glass candle sticks. Want to see how I made mine? Watch how I made my tiered tray here.

Once you have a tiered tray, it can be a bit overwhelming to style all of the layers but, don't worry, I'm here to help. Just follow these easy steps and y'all will have a Pinterest-worthy tiered tray in no time!

  1. Gather various nick nacks and holiday themed goodies, Be sure to include items with different heights, colors and textures. Put like items together......wood, holiday theme, coffee mugs, etc.

  2. Once you have various tchotchkes assembled into groups (NOTE: before you go purchase a bunch of items, shop your home first. Then visit the Dollar Tree and Target's Dollar spot. I find all of my tiered tray decorations in these 3 places), pick 2-3 items that you want to be your focal points and place them evenly around the tiered trays.

  3. After the focal point pieces are where you want them, fill in with the remaining items. If you need to increase the height on a couple of things, look in your kitchen cabinets for small glass or plastic containers that you can turn upside down to use as stands. You can "hide' the stands with greenery and other accessories.

  4. Add a string of small, battery operated LED lights if you so desire.

  5. Finally, survey all sides to make sure all stands (if they are not pretty, finished risers) are hidden and everything looks the way you want it to. If you have stacked 1 item on top of another, make sure the top item is secured with a dab of Dollar Tree poster tack to keep it from falling.

  6. Enjoy!

This is the exact process I follow every time I update my tiered tray and now that you know my process, let me show you how I styled my tray for fall:

Here is the front with my hand painted, mini "fall" canvas as the focal point and just scattered various sizes and styles of pumpkins around it:

One side has a boxwood orb in a tin bucket on the upper tray as the main focal point. The bottom of this side has pumpkins in all different sizes, colors and textures:

And the other side has a little, white ceramic house on the lower tray to draw the eye in and admire all of the fall goodness going on. A homemade jute orb stabilizes the little house and contrasts with the ceramic's smooth texture. Tucked around both pieces are snippets of artificial boxwood and lots of pumpkins.

The entire display sits proudly on my breakfast area table where I can see it from different angles throughout the day, depending on what part of the house I am in. I am super pleased with the way my fall tray turned out but tell me, what do y'all think? And, I am curious........will you use my tips to make and decorate a tiered tray for fall?

I can't wait to read your comments and see the posts of your tiered trays in the Tinker-belle crafting Facebook group! (if you are not yet a member, join here for free).

Until next time, happy fall decorating and remember that y'all are so loved!


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