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Happy Fall, y'all (part 1)

Fall weather has arrived in Georgia and normally I am not happy when it debuts. I love everything about summer and, except for the fact that fall ensures that the holidays (my absolute favorite time of year) are not far behind, I would prefer for fall to never arrive. However, given what 2020 has brought us so far, I am ready to be closer to the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

This year, because I am embracing fall like never before, I have had Chez Big Daddy decked out with lots of pumpkins and fall decor since Labor Day. I am excited to share my favorite spaces and DIYs with y'all in series of blog posts over the next couple of weeks (that's why the title is "Happy fall, y'all part 1).

If y'all follow me on Facebook, you have watched me transition a metal milk jug from holiday to holiday since early this summer. (if y'all don't follow me on Facebook, why not? Follow me here for tons of DIYs, tips and tricks!).

Recently, I did a live tutorial (watch the video here) where I took my milk jug and added Dollar Tree florals to create a super pretty fall arrangement. Originally, I created the piece to sit in the center of my kitchen island:

It was so stunning in the center of the island that when Big Daddy arrived home from a quick trip to handle family business, he said "Wow! Where did you buy that?"

I LOVED the arrangement where it sat but it kept getting in the way when Big Daddy was trying to cook. Because he does ALL of the cooking and I LOVE to eat, I needed to find a different location for my fabulous floral. One day, as I was filling my shallow dough bowl with the most fabulous mix of pumpkins, (thank you to last year's Hobby Lobby fall clearance section) inspiration hit and this was the result:

Not to be all bragg-y but, if I do say so myself, the entire vignette is amazing and I am pretty sure it is some of my best work. What do y'all think? Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts and stay tuned for "Happy Fall, y'all part 2" coming soon!

Y'all are so loved!


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